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எங்கள் பதிப்புகளை உங்கள் இ-மெயில்-ல் படிக்க உங்கள் இ-மெயில் முகவரியை கீழே கொடுத்து Submit பொத்தானை அழுத்தவும். மேலும் உங்கள் இ-மெயிலை திறந்து எங்கள் இணையதள முகவரியிலிருந்து வந்துள்ள லிங்க்கினை கிளிக் செய்வதன் மூலம் எங்கள் தினசரி பதிவேற்றங்களை எளிதாக படிக்கலாம். நன்றி...

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Power System Analysis

  Short question and answers in Power System analysis:

  1. What is power system analysis
  2. What are the components of power system
  3. What is the need for system analysis in planning
  4. What is the operation of power system
  5. What are the importance of power system planning and operational analysis
   2.Per Unit System
  1. Define per unit value of any electrical quantity
  2. What is the purpose of using single line diagram
  3. What are the advantages of per unit representation
  4. How are the base values chosen in per unit representation of a power system
  5. What is single line diagram
  3.Bus Adimittance Matrix
  1. What is a bus
  2. What are the applications of Y-bus matrix
  3. What are the applications of Z-bus matrix
  4. Write any one property of Y-bus matrix
  5. What is meant by graph of a network
  6. Define Oriented graph
  7. Define tree
  4.Bus Impedance Matrix
  1. What is bus impedance matrix
  2. Give the methods available for forming bus impedance matrix
  3. What is primittive ( primitive ) impedance matrix
  4. Why bus admittance matrix is prefered in load flow
  5. What are the advantages of forming Z-bus matrix by L-U factorisation of Y-bus matrix
  6. Give the methods used in L-U factorisation
  5.Per Phase Analysis
  1. What is sequence operator ' a '
  6.Power Flow Analysis
  1. What is load flow
  2. Why bus admittance matrix is used in Gauss-Seidal instead of bus impedance matrix
  3. What is the need for power flow or load flow study
  4. Explain long term planning
  5. What is operational planning
  6. What are the four quantities that are associated with each bus in a system
  7. How the buses in the power system are classified
  8. Define slack bus
  9. Define voltage controlled bus
  10. Define load bus or what is P-Q bus in power flow analysis
  11. What technique is used to solve load flow problems using Zbus
  12. In which method for solving load flow problem acceleration factor is used
  13. What are the advantages of Gauss-Seidal method
  14. What are the disadvantages of Gauss-seidal method
  15. What are the advantages of Newton-Raphson method
  16. What are the disadvantages of Newton-Raphson method
  17. What are the advantages of FDLF method
  18. In contingency analysis, which load flow is preferred
  1. Write the symmetrical components of a three phase system
  8.Symmetrical Fault Analysis
  1. What is bolted fault or solid fault
  9.Unsymmetrical Fault Analysis
  1. Name the fault which does not have zero sequence current component
 10.Transient and Small Signal Stability Analysis
  1. What is power system stability
 11.Multi machine Stability Analysis
  1. What are the effects of load rejection



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